Vocational Evaluation and Reemployment Assessments

Provide an in-depth assessment of an injured worker's vocational aptitudes, interests and abilities, training potential, and motivation to return to suitable and gainful employment.

Labor Market Survey and Research Services

Our program for vocational rehabilitation in Jacksonville, FL, uses nationwide geographically customized labor market data to identify suitable alternative employment opportunities within the injured worker’s relevant labor market. Information obtained for each position identified includes wage data, education and experience requirement, as well as the physical requirements necessary to perform the essential work tasks of the position.

Retroactive Labor Market Survey

Since 1983, Momentum consultants have surveyed the labor market to identify specific employers who will consider hiring a person with specific limitations. Each of these jobs is cataloged by date of availability and the specific exertional and non-external factors. Momentum consultants are able to identify specific jobs available on specific dates for nearly twenty years.

Ergonomic Job Analysis

Ergonomic job analysis involves assessing the worker traits of a specific job. By matching these traits to the functional capacities of an injured employee, a determination can be made for returning an injured worker to his original job or if reasonable accommodations are required in the work setting.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

A TSA is used to demonstrate how work skills an injured employee has demonstrated in previous jobs may transfer and contribute to the successful performance of a new job.

Job Search and Development

Job Search and Job Development services provide an injured worker with the tools and knowledge needed to re-enter the competitive labor market. Job Search and Job Development activities will generate leads for possible employment positions within the injured employee's physical abilities and interests, as well as determining job availability in a particular geographical region

Vocational Rehabilitation, Jacksonville, FL